End Users


Fire systems can be complex and many parties can be involved in the implementation phase of a project.

An electrical or fire consultant may do the design, a contractor appointed to conduct the project, the installation may be sub contracted to another company, the commissioning by another individual and training by someone else.

You may be lucky and be provided with the top designer and the best installation team BUT you may also end up with an un - qualified, inexperienced team.

Thrown into this is a variety of suppliers and equipment types.

This is where the FSIB provides an audit of the completed job to ensure the system you are given is fit for purpose and provides the facilities for the money you are spending.

The end user can be assured that the FSIB will provide guidance, assist in setting design parameters and verify that new and existing installations conform with national standards. The FSIB provides technical support to the end user on an independent basis.

Ongoing inspection agreements ensure the installed systems remain in a compliant and operational condition on an ongoing basis.

Follow this link to a whitepaper “Why 3rd Party Inspections?